Our His Hands Christmas Project went splendidly this year!  Over 200 gift were given to children who may not otherwise have had any gifts!  We had the largest number of children on our list this year, and the fastest, most generous response by donors ever!  Thank you to everyone who made our Christmas a huge success.

The week before our party, we were short-staffed, and my dad helped us out at Bible Club on "Little Kid Day".   On the bus route on the way to Bible Club, one precocious little girl was fascinated with my dad, and noting his similarity to a certain jolly old man, complete with white beard, glasses, and round belly, began to call him "Santa".  She and the other children followed him around like the Pied Piper all day.
Before they left, she pulled me aside, put her hands on her little hips, and with grave concern, informed me: "Mrs. Mary!!  Santa thinks he's your daddy!"

"Santa" and his granddaughters


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