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Summer Camp!

Summer Camp is a BIG DEAL for our kids.  They work hard all year to earn the points (through Bible Club attendance and good behavior) to go, and start asking in earnest starting as early as January: "Mrs. Mary, am I going to get to go to camp this year?"

This year we have 14 teens and 15 kids who have earned a week at a wonderful camp hosted by New Life Church in Lake Park, GA.  The leaders of this camp radiate love for our kids, and they do an awesome job making the experience fun AND fruitful.  The camp provides a discounted price for our group, and we have raised $645 toward the total cost.  We need to raise another $1240 by July 6.  God is so faithful to us, and we are confident that the funds will come in!

If you would like to contribute to our Summer Camp Goal, just $65 will send a deserving child to a week full of love, acceptance, peace, and good teaching from His Word.

Donations can be given safely online using the link below, or checks can be mailed to: His Hands, …

Been A While

It's been a while since we posted anything here.  OK, it's been a LONG while!

Between an adoption, a move, and lots of other things in between, we have definitely missed the mark with communication.  Thank God for His grace and mercy, right?  We intend to do better from now on to keep our family, friends, and supporters up-to-date with news from the ministry!

Thank you for your patience!

Love, Mary