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Summer Enrichment DayCamp 2013

We normally suspend our regular weekly activities during the summer, to participate in summer camps and to spend time planning the next year.This year we decided to continue our weekly meetings, but to make them a little extra fun!Our weekly summer “Enrichment DayCamp" had an emphasis on fun, educational activities such as art, dance, and drama— an exposure to activities not normally available to them.We also partnered with South Georgia Regional Library’s summer reading program!!
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We had volunteers teach Science, where the kids blew up Ivory Soap in the microwave one day, and made bread AND butter on another.
In Music and Movement, the kids sang and danced until they were exhausted...and so was their teacher!
In drama….oh, the drama!The kids had so much fun in drama, where they were able to act on a REAL stage.They practiced their lines and learned two skits, as well as learning the meaning of “stage left” and other terms.
In Art, they created some…